Father’s Day is approaching once again and, if you are like a lot of people, this is cause for distress. This is not because your dad is not great (hopefully he is), but because you probably feel the need to find a Father’s Day gift and, let’s face it, it can be hard to come up with ideas for unique Father’s Day gifts.

Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of capitalism, there is at least one company that exists for no other reason than helping you find cool and unique gifts for all the men in your life. Man Crates has an e-store packed with man-gift awesomeness to rescue all of the clueless gift givers. Here are a few ideas from Man Crates for anyone looking for the best and most unique Father’s Day gifts.

Whiskey Appreciation Crate

For all the dads who appreciate good whiskey, this may be the perfect gift. The crate includes a personalized whiskey decanter (sadly, no whiskey), glasses, ice molds, coasters, whiskey drinking journal, peanuts, pistachios and pecans.

Exotic Meats Crate

Does your dad prefer meat over whiskey? An Exotic Meats Crate may hit the spot. This crate includes venison jerky, wild boar jerky, biltong beef jerky, elk jerky, buffalo jerky, a pheasant jerky stick, a maple duck jerky stick and an ostrich jerky stick.

Beard Wrangler Mini Crate

Always trying to get your father to trim his beard? Maybe the Beard Wrangler Mini Crate will make both of you happy. The crate includes a beard shampoo bar, beard balm, beard oil, a boar-bristle beard brush and hand towel.

Pipe Carving Kit

Once upon a time nearly all gentlemen smoked a pipe. What could be cooler than making your own pipe? This kit includes a briar wood pipe block and stem, bench vise, instruction manual (that no man will read) and all the necessary tools to carve a pipe.

Smash And Grab Gift Card

Still not sure what to buy for the dad in your life? There is always a gift card as a standby, but there is no need to stick a boring gift card inside a cheesy greeting card this year.

Instead, try a Smash and Grab Gift Card. This gift features a smashable concrete brick, ball peen hammer and the requisite safety glasses. You guessed it, your dad will have to smash the brick to find out what is inside.

How Would You Like That Gift Wrapped?

Wrapping paper? Nope. How about packed in a wooden crate with an included crow bar to pry open the crate? If wooden crates and crow bars aren’t your thing, how about a military ammo can packing? For those who want to be really mischievous (or evil), how about having the gift wrapped in duct tape?


What do you think of these ideas for unique Father’s Day gifts? How do you choose a Father’s Day gift each year?




Robert Witham
Robert Witham
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