If your relationship has been shaky lately or if your partner has been acting bizarrely, you should keep an eye out for signs that they’re cheating. You don’t want to keep treating your partner like royalty if they’re actually seeing other people behind your back. If you’re worried about your partner being unfaithful, here are a few signs that they’re sleeping with someone else:

Your Partner Showers As Soon As They Get Home

If your partner usually waits until nighttime to take a shower, but switches to taking them as soon as they get home from work, you should be worried. They might be trying to wash off the scent of another person. In order to test them, you can see if they’ll agree to kiss or hug you once they walk through the door or if they’ll make up excuses for why they need to run to the bathroom first.

They Initiate Sex Less Often

Most people love to get dirty, so if your partner stops initiating sex, they might be getting their pleasure elsewhere. After all, there’s no reason to have sex with your steady partner when you’re already having sex with someone else earlier on in the day. A declining sex life isn’t only a sign of a declining relationship, but it could also be a sign that your partner has decided to cheat.

They Take Forever To Answer Texts 

It doesn’t take all that long to reply to a text. If your partner takes an hour to answer you back, then they better have a good excuse for it. The same goes for when your partner suddenly decides to add a lock to their phone. If you two really trusted each other, there would be no need for secrets.

They Buy You Random Gifts

This one is tricky, because your partner will either buy you gifts out of love or guilt. You have to think about how they’ve been behaving recently in order to figure out which one is the case. You don’t want to accuse your loving partner of cheating, just because you’re not used to be treated so kindly. But if your partner is sleeping with someone else, they may be buying you things to cover up that guilt.

They Stay Late At Work

Needing to work late is the oldest excuse in the book. If your partner starts spending a lot more time at work, but doesn’t end up with any more money in their pockets, something is wrong. Most people are too shy or too polite to call up their partner’s boss to ask for the truth, which is what makes it the perfect excuse. But if you think your partner is sleeping with someone else, call them on it, or call their boss!

They Pay More Attention To Their Looks

If your partner usually doesn’t have a problem leaving the house with a stained shirt and ripped jeans, you should be suspicious when they start dressing nicely. If they begin to pay more attention to their grooming (either on their face or below their waist), then they might be in the honeymoon stage with someone else.

They Use New Moves In Bed

When you and your partner actually get intimate, do they behave the same as they always have? If they put you in a new position or use a new kissing technique, then you should ask them where they got it from. They might’ve learned it from a friend or researched articles on the internet to impress you, but there’s always the possibility that they’ve learned it from the person they were cheating with.


Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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