5 Weird Facts About Cats That You Probably Didn’t Know

You know that saying that fact is stranger than fiction? Well, when it comes to cats, that’s actually true. Check out these weird facts about cats.

1. That sound may not mean what you think…

Did you know that cats purr not only when they are happy but also in order to ease their tension? They learn this skill from their mother, who purrs as they nurse. For cats, purring is a way of stimulating “happy hormones”, which make a cat feel better.

2. Nap time

Cats are among the top sleepers in the animal kingdom, and for good reason. Did you know that cats sleep 16 to 18 hours per day. However, when cats are asleep, they are still alert to incoming stimuli, so that’s why if you poke your cat while sleeping, it will still respond accordingly. So basically, cats spend 75 percent of their lives sleeping.

3.For my eyes only

Did you know that cats have a third eyelid, which is called a palpebra tertia, also known as “haw?” This third eyelid provides an extra layer of eye protection, not only for cats but for other animals also.

4. Bonzai

It might not be true that a cat has three lives but they surely know how to survive in this one. Did you know that some cats have actually survived falls of over 65 feet, or 20 meters? You’ve probably noticed that cats land on their feet most of the time, thanks to their righting reflex.

5. What did you say?

And just to prove that cats are just as awesome as dogs, maybe even more, did you know that a cat’s hearing is better than a dog’s? Even more, a cat can actually hear high-frequency sounds up to two octaves higher than a human being.

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What other amazing facts do you know about cats?