It’s time to gear up to celebrate many people’s favorite day of the year, April 20. Although gathering with your friends at someone’s place to celebrate how far the marijuana culture has come is always a good way to commemorate the day, there are a lot of 4/20 festivals around the country that you should try out, too. There’s only one 4/20 every year, so make the most of this one!

Sweetwater 4/20 Fest

Although only medical marijuana is legal in Georgia, Atlanta still throws one hell of a 4/20 festival. The Sweetwater 4/20 Fest is a weekend full of fun, taking place from April 22-24 (because 4/20 falls on a Wednesday this year). There’s a 5K happening on Saturday morning, but the main event is all the glorious music, which are is out over the entire weekend. Some of the big names this year are Kid Rock, Bastille, Ludacris and Awolnation! Beyond that, there is a Sweetwater craft beer tent, a food village and an artist market.

Colorado Cannabis Cup

The Cannabis Cup happens in several cities around the country throughout the year, but the one in Colorado happens the closest to 4/20 (on 4/19). Not only is there a competition for the best strains in the state, which are judged by a panel of experts, there is also a concert and an exhibit featuring some of the top cannabis companies. Taking place the weekend before this event is the Cannabis Cup in So-Cal, which is where the best strains in the nation are selected.

MERRY JANE Wellness Retreat

Although the MERRY JANE Wellness Retreat is a nationally touring event, Snoop Dogg and friends take the retreat to Colorado on 4/20. The third annual retreat is set to take place at the Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Englewood, Colorado. Snoop is bringing Tory Lanez and Raven Felix along with him to make this one 4/20 festival not soon forgotten.

4/20 At Hippie Hill

This 4/20 festival isn’t as organized as the others mentioned in this list, but it is one of the most popular celebrations in the nation. Taking place in San Francisco at Hippie Hill, thousands of people gather here on 4/20 to take part in one giant smoke out. The festival starts at 10:30 a.m. and goes until dusk, with the peak of the festivities happening at, you guessed it, 4:20 p.m. Expect drummers, dancers and plenty of haze in the air all for free!


Although it’s not officially billed as a 4/20 festival, you can make it your way to celebrate, since it takes place from April 22-24. The legendary concerts are what everyone talks about in regards to Coachella, but there’s more to do than just listen to music during the weekend. In between sets or artists you don’t care about, make sure to enjoy the art and special food and beverage stands that are set-up for the weekend. In fact, don’t even leave the grounds and plan to get a campsite so you don’t miss a second of fun.


What is your favorite 4/20 festival?

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