The title of this article may confuse people. Huh? There are some females out there who have only seen one penis??

Yes. Yes, there are. And believe it or not, there exists the even more rare male who has seen only one vagina. I’m not talking about those folks who decide this as a religious life choice, because they are generally amongst a community of like minded people who are also held to the same standards. They don’t really fall into this category of people I’m referencing here.

I am talking about today’s mainstream generation filled with things like sexual objectification and Tinder. It seems that in today’s technological age where information and connections can be readily had, we are having more sexual encounters more often. Not to mention at a much younger age – but that is for a separate topic entirely.

Whether they’re open about their level of promiscuity (or rather lack thereof) or more reserved about it, those who have had only one sexual partner are often socially ostracized for various reasons. Did anybody watch Chris Soules’s season of The Bachelor? Those two women were singled out for both good and bad reasons. One was saving herself for marriage and, well, who knows what Ashley’s story really is. Either way, whether you’re purposefully waiting for the one, or it happened by accident and your only one turned out to be the one, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t veer from your course.

Your Special Parts Will Thank You

The obvious reason is that there’s a lower risk to your health. With the increasing spread of sexually transmitted diseases, you can rest assured that you have little to worry about. Yes, fidelity can screw things up in this arena, but it can in any relationship. If you have managed to score the unicorn of all relationships where both partners are each other’s only, then double bonus and double the safety. Your parents would be proud, I’m sure.

You’ve Developed a More Intimate Connection

An underlying assumption about the term intimate, which apparently gets overlooked, is that it is personal and not shared by many. Your intimate encounters can’t really be all that intimate if you’ve shared it with twenty others, can it? This truly intimate connection that you have built with only one other person shouldn’t be taken for granted or underestimated. Knowing that you have only bared your soul (and body) to one human being is an intensely intimate sign of devotion.

You’re Both Green and Can Learn Together

The fun part. You both started on the same level (more or less) and have gone through this sexual journey, if you wish, together. While being with a more experienced partner owns a certain level of excitement, so does knowing that you taught your man everything he knows.

A list of only three reasons – quality over quantity, right (bada-psh)? If you have been lucky enough to find the one and even luckier to have found him or her without going through the weeds of all the others, realize that you have something of precious value. Don’t give in to the pressure and temptation of society to be anything other than who you aspire to be. I have heard that dating is overrated, anyway.


Ladies, men, do you agree? Will you or have you married your one and only? Share your story with us below!

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Eli Stewart
Eli Stewart
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