Can’t afford fine art? No problem. Take a cue from these art history enthusiasts who skipped the auction at Christie’s in favor of these art history tattoos! Instead of hanging your art on the wall, why not hang it on yourself?

“Storm on the Sea of Galilee,” by Rembrandt

“The Night Cafe,” by Vincent van Gogh

“The Kiss,” by Gustav Klimt

“Starry Night,” by Vincent van Gogh

“Marilyn,” by Andy Warhol

“Girl with a Red Balloon,” Banksy

“The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” by Hokusai

“Chanteur,” by Joan Miró

“The Elephants,” by Salvador Dalí

“The Creation of Adam,” by Michelangelo

“Vitruvian Man,” by Leonardo da Vinci

Jackson Pollack

“The Scream,” Edvard Munsch

“Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,” by Georges Seurat

“Sweet Dreams Baby!” by Roy Lichtenstein

“Campbell’s Soup Cans,” by Andy Warhol

Piet Mondrian, Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow

Henri Matisse, The Red Studio

“The False Mirror,” by René Magritte

Bob Ross



Who is your favorite artist and would you ever tattoo their work on your skin?



Additional Image: Pinterest




Zara Zhi
Zara Zhi
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