Aliens – the debate as to whether intelligent life exists, other than on Earth, will continue to rage until a flying saucer comes down from the sky a la Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or the government makes a grand statement there are aliens. But until either of those things happen, we can rely on alien abduction stories to provide some kind of idea on what it’s like to be abducted by aliens. If you’ve ever questioned whether or not you’ve been abducted, here are 13 signs of alien abduction:

1. Lost Time

You cannot recall a certain time frame. This could be minutes, hours, days, or even weeks. But no matter how hard you try, you cannot for the life of you remember what occurred.

2. Balls of Light

You see balls of light, or light out of the corner of your eye, at night, usually while lying in bed, and you’re not asleep.

3. Unable to Sleep

You have insomnia, which is brought on by nightmares, a fear of falling asleep, or by fears of what could possibly come up in your dreams.

4. Psychic Phenomenon

You feel as though you might have newly acquired psychic abilities, which could be you all of a sudden know when things are going to happen, you hear voices in your head, or you feel as though you can move things with your mind.

5. Scars/Marks on Body

You wake up with newly acquired marks or scars on your body with no explanation of how you got them. These might appear on the neck, back, on the wrists/ankles, behind the ear, or anywhere else on the body.

6. Feeling of Being Watched

You have the unmistakable feeling you’re being watched by something invisible.

7. Strong Memory

You have a strong and distinct memory of floating, being on an examination table, or any other significant event that does not match your normal day-to-day actions.

8. Vivid Dreams

You have strong dreams that feel as though they are real or have been lived before (almost deja vu).

9. Unexplained Paralysis

You feel as though you’re paralyzed while lying in bed and awake, or you’re able to open your eyes but not able to move your body while in bed.

10. Sore Body Parts

You wake up with a sore neck, sore genitals, or other sore appendages with no reason or explanation for the soreness.

11. Gaps in Memory

You can remember certain things, but other things are a complete loss, almost as though a chunk of memory has been removed from your brain.

12. See UFOs

You see UFOs or lights in the sky; you have seen UFOs or lights many times over the course of years or your entire lifetime.

13. Remember Being Abducted

You remember being abducted or being visited by aliens; you remember how you were abducted and everything you experienced while being abducted.


Do you believe in aliens? Do you think there’s validity to the many alien abduction stories out there? Would you believe a friend or family member if they claimed to have been abducted?

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Brittany Valli
Brittany Valli
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