10 Best Travel Jobs…No Need To Pay For Your Vacation

Traveling is fun. Whether it is cruising around the country in your car or hopping on a plane and flying overseas, it seems that the bug to explore is somewhat universal in the human race. But, what if you don’t have the money to travel and want to get around while making a quick buck? If you have the necessary qualifications, these are the 10 best travel jobs to consider.

1. Archaeologist/Paleontologist

Starting this list out with a fun, scientific type of work, both of these professions are a great way to get out in the field and explore the world. Depending on your focus, you can often be engaged in digs all around the globe. Of course, this job is not in high demand and unless you want to be stuck just digging the holes, you’ll need a Masters or Ph.D. If your up for the work involved in higher education and interested in some artifacts/fossils, this may be a viable career path to consider.

2. Auditor

Still in the educational realm, but going a different route; those who majored in accounting but don’t really want to be an accountant might consider pursuing a career as an auditor. In many cases, auditors travel around the country and spend weeks at a time in different locations. Whether you work for the government or an independent organization, this leaves plenty of time to the see the various states.

3. Travel Writer

You’ll usually need a degree in journalism or similar education for this, but in today’s economy you may just find that you can pick this one up part-time as well. Start your own travel blog and share your adventure experiences. Who knows? You might get some real attention this way.

4. Consultant

Consultant can mean a lot of things, but for most who choose the profession it means a lot of freedom to really do what you want. Whether it is traveling the country or the world, many business consultants get to see their fair share of destinations. Since the bill is typically paid by their client, it’s a real exciting chance.

5. Cruise Line Worker

While this one will require you to work most of the time, cruise line workers get a lot of exciting opportunities to see the world. When they do get to relax, they get to see those places that other people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to visit. Not to mention room and board is covered while you are working. Overall, an exciting prospect.

6. Flight Attendant

Similar to cruise workers, you might spend a lot of time working in this profession, but you still get plenty of chances to visit various parts of the world. If you really want to start an exciting career where you get to fly around, this may be the place to look.

7. Peace Corps Volunteer

Have a big heart and really want to spread a message of peace? Joining the Peace Corps may not be glamorous, or safe at times, but it sure can be exciting. You get to the travel the world and make a difference, which can really be a great match for some people.

8. Big Rig Truck Driver

If you prefer to avoid flights or cruises but still want to make money traveling, getting your license to drive a big rig may be the move to make. Truck drivers make a fair salary and get to travel across the states. Yes, they have to drive giant trucks, but that might work out for you anyways.

9. Roadie/Stagehand

Love going to concerts or other live performances? Becoming a roadie or stagehand may be just the right move for you. While you may be working during those events, it gives you free entry and lets you get paid in the process. If you go on tour with the right group, you could really become well-traveled in the process.

10. Recruiter

No, not a recruiter for your local business. Instead, this looks at athletic or college recruiters. Whether it is working for a major university or working for a professional sports organization, these recruiters often travel around the world.


Are there any other exciting jobs you can think of that get to travel a lot? Which of these do you think is really the best travel job? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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