The Weirdest Theme Parks In The World

We’ve all heard of Disney World and Hershey Park. However, there are plenty of other amusement parks around the world that aren’t as popular. Some of them deserve more recognition, but others are placed in the background for a reason. After all, not every idea is as groundbreaking as Walt Disney’s. To prove it, here are some of the weirdest amusement parks in the world:

Diggerland USA

Diggerland is a theme park in New Jersey, which is filled with rides and attractions that are construction-based. You can help your children prepare for their future early by letting them operate an excavator and drive a backhoe. There are also rides like the Dig-A-Round, which is basically a merry-go-round that is made out of parts of an excavator.

Kingdom Of The Little People

China doesn’t seem to mind controversy, which is why there’s actually a theme park in the country that only allows “dwarfs” to work there. The park is meant to make guests feel like they’re inside of a fairy tale, as there are miniature cottages inside of which the workers pretend to live. Not surprisingly, there have been a lot of people who have complained about the theme of the park, equating it to a zoo.

Angry Birds Land

In Finland, there’s actually an amusement park based off of the popular phone application, Angry Birds. Every ride, restaurant, and restroom in the park contains references to the game. There are even playground structures for kids to use that look similar to the layout of the game.

Love Land

Love Land is a sexual theme park located in South Korea that you must be twenty-years old in order to enter. It contains dozens of erotic sculptures that you’re allowed to look at and even touch. It only takes about 30 minutes to walk around the entire park, but it is open every single day. Surprisingly, it’s actually a pretty popular honeymoon spot for newlywed couples.

Memory Village

Memory Village actually allows its guests to be treated like slaves for a day. Located in Haiti, the park lets visitors be bound and tortured in order to come to terms with the horrible things that their ancestors did. The people who agree to be part of this experience will even take part in a reenactment where they’re taken to a market and sold as property.

The Children’s Republic

This theme park is meant to teach Argentinian children about democracy. It is built like a small town that contains Parliament, a government house, a courthouse, and a church. While visiting, young children are encouraged to haggle over fake bank loans and choose who is going to be a part of their version of congress.

Parque EcoAlberto

This is another controversial park, which is located in Mexico. It’s meant to persuade the citizens to stay in their own country instead of crossing the border illegally. The park allows visitors to take a four-hour hike in the middle of the night, complete with fake authorities they must hide from, which is meant to resemble the journey they’d have if they crossed the border over to America.


Would you actually visit any of these theme parks?

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Holly Riordan
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