When college students aren’t swamped with homework, they need to find a way to deal with their free time. Most campuses make it fairly easy for their students to create new clubs, because they want them to be happy and involved in the community. That’s why there are some bizarre clubs out there. If you don’t believe it, here are some of the weirdest college clubs in the world.

People Watching Club

Pretty much everyone enjoys people watching. After all, it’s free entertainment. At Boston University Matt Raymond decided he wanted to turn his hobby of people watching into an actual club at his college. The tagline for it, “We’re not creepy, we’re just interested.”

Students Against Hippies In Trees

This club started back in 2008 at The University Of California. After a man decided to start living inside of a tree in order to make a political statement, a bunch of anti-tree sitters surrounded him in order to protest. Even though most of the students believed the man had a right to voice his opinion, they also believed he was going about it the wrong way. After all, the cops had to use a cherry picker to try to remove the man from the spot, wasting college funds.

The Cheese Club

SUNY Purchase has a peculiar club, called The Cheese Club, where students sit around and eat cheese while talking about cheese. Although it sounds strange, it’s actually meant to bring students from different cultures together to learn about the customs in different countries. Plus, every college student likes to get free food at clubs, so it’s a great way to draw in members.

The Tree Musketeers

At Northern Michigan University, there is a club that encourages students to climb trees. During each meeting, the members will exchange advice on tree climbing techniques and will discuss which type of tree is their personal favorite. Occasisionally, they will also race to see who can climb a tree the fastest and try swinging from branch to branch.

KiguSoc Club

The University of York has a club for fans of KiguSoc, or Japanese style animal themed onsies. The members of the club aren’t afraid to walk around on campus while wearing those suits, even though they are designed to be worn indoors. They just want to show the other students it’s okay to be different.

The Carleton College Mustache Club

At Carleton College, there is a club meant for men with mustaches. Of course, any ladies who have mustaches are also free to join. Not only do the members get together to gain confidence over their mustaches, but they also raise money for different foundations, like the woman’s safe center,  in order to show the “mustache cares for women.”

The Squirrel Club

The Squirrel Club is basically just a club where the members walk around and feed the squirrels on campus. Even though the concept is simple, it’s one of the most popular clubs at The University of Michigan. The club even has t-shirts students can buy in order to show their love of the little animals. So, if you love the idea of feeding peanuts to squirrels, you might want to think about heading to Michigan.

Looking for activities in your free time when you’re a college student can be pretty daunting. Check out your student life center to see if there are any bizarre, or even normal, clubs you can be a part of it.


Would you ever go to any of these crazy club meetings? What’s the craziest club you knew of when you were in college?




Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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