Talking dirty, kissing, and a little bit of rubble. These are a few common turn-ons for both men and women.

But for some people, sexual gratification can involve pretty odd stuff. This includes getting turned on by inanimate objects or certain parts of the body you wouldn’t normally associate with sex. This unusual type of sexual arousal is called fetishism, fetish for short. When taken to the extreme, this becomes known as paraphilia, which is not necessarily a disorder (except when it harms or distresses the fetishist or others).

Here is a list of some weird fetishes and paraphilias.


This is when a person is sexually aroused by machines such as cars, bicycles, or airplanes. For example, Edward Smith claims to have had sex with 1,000 cars.


How about finding it sexually pleasurable to injuect liquids into the anus using enemas? This can have worrisome consequences like this case study of a guy who pleasured himself with epoxy resin enema.


Attracted to bad boys? If you get turned on by criminals, you might have hybristophilia: a fetish for someone who commits illegal activities like murder or armed robbery.

Doreen Lioy, a former magazine editor, is considered to be the most famous hybristophie in history. She married Richard Ramirez, a rapist and murderer.

Latex Fetishism

Love seeing people in latex? If this interest is sexually oriented, you might have latex fetish. The fetish covers sexual attraction to people wearing latex or to the latex itself.


Have you ever been aroused by a teddy bear? One such person took his love for the stuffed toy to a whole new level. Charles Marshall, a resident of Ohio, got arrested four times for having sex with a teddy bear in public.

This fetish falls under plushophilia, which is being sexually interested in stuffed animals of any kind (not limited to bears).


Like the sculpture Pygmalion, who fell in love with his masterpiece, those who have this fetish are in love (and in lust) with an inanimate object.

There have been several objectum sexuals reported in the media, including women who married the Eiffel Tower and the Berlin Wall.


In other words, a fetish for feet or shoes. This can involve smelling and licking the feet or shoes, like this guy did.


What weird stuff turns you on?



Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
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