Vid Comp: Cutest Miniature Animals

Following up last week’s breath of freshness is yet another adorable animal video compilation, only this time we are focusing on one thing: miniature animals! The kind that you just wanna stick in your backpack and snuggle with all night.

Vid Comp: Cutest Miniature Animals

We kick off this week’s video compilation with a throw back to last week (audio this time included) of an adorable 3-day old miniature pony as it chases/plays with its new owners. It’s so cute you just wanna kick it.

Following that is an overzealous pygmy goat, a tiny monkey you didn’t know you needed (just ignore the talking head) and a baby owl that might just prove a good rival to the adorableness we saw in last week’s vid comp.

Finally, we added a couple images from a story a few weeks old regarding a Sumatran rhinoceros. I know it’s not technically a “miniature” animal but the extremely rare animal is the smallest of all rhinoceroses and with its fuzzy fur (it’s also known as the hairy rhino) how could we say no? Besides, with a population estimated to be teetering around 100, and this being the first time since the 1970’s that a living Sumatran Rhino was seen and documented in the wild, its easy to see why it made its way into this week’s video compilation.

*We won’t ruin your cuteness high with the bad news, that’s for another day…


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