Vid Comp – Cuteness Overload…Adorable Animals

A change of pace from the usual mix of feces and smashed faces (notably by use of rapidly approaching concrete as it pertains to the amount of one’s coed-ed-ness), this week we bring you something objectively much less disgusting. It is so un-disgusting, in fact, that your grandmother might just have to smother it.

Introducing: Cuteness Overload!!!

Video Compilation – Cuteness Overload… Adorable Animals or Why Can’t I Own All These Things?!?!

We start off with two distinctly different breeds of dogs and their shared inability to run whilst looking at the camera. Possibly due to age, or possibly due to the weight of all that filthy cuteness pulling their nubby little legs out from beneath them. You be the judge (just make sure you check the scrotum pouch thoroughly).

After the jump we hop on over to a bunny leaping competition. I dare you to stay angry at my puns after seeing this hare-raising clip. #ShootMeNow.

Then we find ourselves face to face with the bunny and the tramp. Literally. A baby bunny scuttling around a trampoline. I swear you can feel their softness through the screen. #BringMeBackToLifeNow.

Fans of classic video games should certainly love these two ferociously adorable clips. The first, taken straight out of “The Legend of Zelda,” is a tiny little owl that recently took the internet by storm with its overwhelming happiness when met with a good head rub. After this we see a hedgehog just chilling. #LicenseToChill #AViewToAChill #ChillFreeOrDieChill

Then we find a treat from the deep (How could we not add the recently discovered ghost octopus in here? It’s just so damn cute!).

After that is a guilty cat (don’t mind the rhyme) followed by a 3-day old miniature pony as it learns the trick to a good trot. The answer is “chase.”

Finally, the cherry on top of this cuteness barrage, is a clip showing the only real way to train your dog. #Don’tSendMeNoHateMail…


Tell us honestly, how therapeutic are these adorable animals? Would you want to see more of the cuteness, or should we go back to the old grind (and by grind we mean twerk sharts)? Tell us how you feel! Comment below and share with your friends! They all deserve to see such cuteness.