Transgender Stars – Can You Tell the Difference?

It doesn’t matter if a transgender woman is able to pass as a female or not. Either way, she’s a valuable member of society who deserves to be treated like everyone else. However, with the level of plastic surgery available in the modern age, it’s becoming easier for men and women to transition until they’re happy with their bodies. If you don’t believe that transgender porn stars and reality stars will be believable enough for you to enjoy watching them, here’s proof you’re completely wrong:

Madison Montag

Madison Montag is making history as the first licensed transgender prostitute in the state of Nevada. She has already starred in plenty of adult films that have been enjoyed by thousands of viewers, so she clearly hasn’t had any problem impressing men with her body. Now that she is represented by V Agency, she has proven it doesn’t matter whether or not a woman is transgender. Any lady can be sexy as long as she’s confident in herself.

Buck Angel

Buck Angel is a transgender porn star and LGBT advocate. He even released his own documentary called “Mr. Angel” that was shown at the SXSW festival in 2013. The film goes into detail about his depression and near-suicide, and then talks about how Buck learned to be comfortable enough in his own skin to become a famous porn star. He has even created his own dating website aimed at transgender men.

Audrey Middleton

Porn stars aren’t the only transgender women with success stories. This year, Audrey Middleton was the first transgender houseguest on CBS’s Big Brother. Even though the reality show contains a dozen people from different walks of life, they were all supportive of her when they found out her backstory. Of course, the show didn’t focus on talking about Audrey’s transitioning, because there is more to her than her body.

Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous is a YouTube celebrity who has videos of herself before and after her transition. She talks openly about her sexuality and gender, but there are still some people who don’t realize what she’s been through. On many of her videos, there are comments from fans who have loved her for years that state they had no clue she was transgender. Since she has started her channel, she has gotten the body she wanted and she flaunts it so well no one questions her – and they shouldn’t.

Padmini Prakash

Even in India, transgender women are starting to get more recognition. In fact, India’s Supreme Court recently recognized transgender as a third gender. That’s why women like Padmini Prakash are able to reach success. Prakash is a news anchor who is a former actress and dancer. Now she has a huge fanbase that have helped her earn the promotion that landed her the cherished 7:00 spot.

Tiffany Starr and Kelly Klaymour

There are transexual porn stars, like Tiffany Starr and Kelly Klaymour, who haven’t fully transitioned. They have breasts, but they also have a penise. Even though it’s obvious to anyone who watches their porn they are transgender, that doesn’t make them any less valuable or less sexy than women like Madison Montag.

We live in a constantly transitioning world. It’s a beautiful thing to see so many accepting and supporting those who are finally able to find their way into the lives they want.


Would you be a fan of these lovely transgender ladies?



Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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