Steve Urkel: One of the Best Nerds of All Time

From 1989-1998, Steven Quincy Urkel; AKA Steve Urkel; AKA Urkel, made us giggle with his geeky mannerisms and socially awkward demeanor on the hit sitcom Family Matters. He professed his love time and time again to an unimpressed Laura Winslow, and pissed off an already perpetually grumpy Carl Winslow, but even they couldn’t deny his good nature and helpful intentions. There may never be another sitcom nerd quite like Urkel. Why is he one of the best nerds of all time?

Uncle Jesse thought Urkel was the man. And if Uncle Jesse thinks it, it must be true…

Through a coolness experiment, he created a smooth-talking alter ego named Stefan Urquelle, who actually turned out to be way less cool than Urkel…


…even though he could do this.

Urkel’s eager face is unforgettably fantastic…


…as well as his apically confused face.


President Clinton was so enamored with Urkel, he gave him a thumbs up.

Urkel is always willing to help a friend in need, like with dieting.

Jaleel White, the actor who portrayed Steve Urkel, actually looks like this. And he was pretty great on Dancing with the Stars.

Urkel’s love for Laura Winslow knew no bounds…

…and he was not afraid to do whatever it took to win her heart…

…no matter how embarrassing.

His inventions were way ahead of the time…

…though they often went terribly wrong.

Urkel coined one of the most recognizable questions on TV…

…and yes, he did do it…

…every single time.

His laugh both pierced your ears and made you smile.

He was so hard, he went to jail.

Urkel may possibly be one of the best dancers ever, and takes every advantage to show off his moves at your front door…

…when he’s doing repairs…

…and in choreographed dances with others.

He can impregnate a woman with just a kiss.

And lastly…he was the original.

 Do you think Steve Urkel is one of the best nerds ever? Who else can compete? Do you have another nerd crush?

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Emily Koo
Emily Koo
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