For the modern coffee drinker, K-cups have become one of the most significant advances in technology. They allow you to quickly brew up a single cup of coffee with relative ease. Just buy that absurdly expensive machine and before you know it you can create exactly one cup of coffee at a time. Sure, you end up drinking three or four cups anyways, but why not just make one at a time? It’s not like you need that money you could save just buying a regular coffee maker and coffee beans to brew up an entire pot. All that being said, it looks like the German city of Hamburg has had enough and they are taking action to put an end to these shenanigans.

What Is the Significance of K-Cups?

In case you didn’t realize there has been a growing concern throughout the world that these K-cups are actually creating quite the environmental hazard. After all, they are made of plastic and aluminum, which means most recycling plants are simply unable to process them. This leaves them to be set aside with the rest of the non-recyclable garbage and some have estimated that the amount of K-cups floating around in the trash are enough to circle the world at least 12 times over. Considering how relatively recent this development is, that is a huge problem.

Hamburg Has Had Enough of These K-Cups

Though it might just be a small step, Hamburg has decided enough is enough. Specifically, they have announced that K-cups (and all single-use coffee pods) are to be banned from all government facilities. This means those big government offices will at least start setting the trend of living a less wasteful lifestyle. After all, they are meant to provide public services, so shouldn’t the employees be able to get along enough to actually share a pot of coffee?

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Let’s be real for just a minute here and think about this. To do this, let’s even assume you reject man-made climate change, you don’t care about the environment, or you really just don’t have an interest in the future of mankind. Regardless of how short-sighted or selfish you might be, is it really that bad that you need these silly little things anyways? If you are going to drink coffee, drink coffee! These K-cups are one of the most pronounced examples of selfishness and genuine laziness that exist today. Instead of committing to brew an entire cup, you actually take a single serving of this coffee to make a single cup.

If you are at home, why can’t you just keep the pot of coffee at the ready? Heck, they even have small coffee pots that only brew up a couple of cups. Not to mention, if you work in an office you are pretty much guaranteed to have others around you that want coffee. So, why just make it up for yourself? Wouldn’t it be so much friendlier for you to just brew up an entire pot like the old days and offer a cup to your coworkers? Apparently not, because you need to have this single-serving nonsense. Oh, and that’s not even getting into how much money you are wasting on these damn tiny cups…


What do you think about Hamburg’s action on K-cups? Do you think that more governments need to get involved in banning these wasteful inventions? Or, do you think humanity should be smart enough to not be so short-sighted in the first place? Let us know in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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