Scientists Fear Sex Robots Could Harm Society

There’s now an actual movement called the Campaign Against Sex Robots. Why? Because people actually believe that they will cause the human race to suffer in the future. They’re worried that men will stop pursuing human women, because it’ll be easier for them to have sex with robots. After all, they won’t have to seduce anyone or engage in foreplay when they sleep with a robot, which means that they can put in less effort and achieve the same result. However, there are other people who believe that it would be foolish to ban sex robots, because artificial intelligence is still in its infancy and should be looked into. There’s a huge divide when it comes to whether or not artificial intelligence should progress much further than it already has, and for good reason.

What Is Realbotix?

If you’re not a fan of the “uncanny valley,” then this foxy lady would deliver an absolutely terrifying experience. She’s a sex doll that can actually speak to you. “Why would a robot need a voice?” you ask. The idea is that the man—or woman—having sex with it will be able to feel like he or she is actually making a real person moan with pleasure. It’s meant to make the experience more intimate and satisfying. The doll was created by Matt McMullen, who also created the RealDoll, one of the most realistic sex dolls on the market. Even though this robot is two years away from being completed, and will cost around 30,000 dollars, it’s bound to be a big hit. Who needs a car when you can have a robotic harem instead?

Can Robots Give Consent?

Consent is a huge deal. It goes without saying that no two humans should have sex unless they both agree to the experience. That’s why having sex with robots might become a problem in the future. If science continues to advance them by making them more and more realistic, then they could eventually develop thoughts and feelings. When that happens, they’ll no longer be able to be used for sex, unless they consent to the idea, will they? Even if they’re programmed to give consent, is that unethical? Is programming the same as free will? The idea raises more questions than it answers.

Should We Listen To Science Fiction Warnings?

There have recently been movies about female artificial intelligence, like Ex Machina, where a programmer must get to know a beautiful, artificially intelligent woman. Of course, this movie trend goes all the way back to the 80s, with The Terminator, and beyond. Every science fiction movie that revolves around robots seems to stick to the same theme, that those robots will take over humanity, or that they will at least cause humans to lose touch with reality. However, despite all of the warnings that films have given us, we continue to create more advanced technologies by the year. Are we being brave by continuing to push the envelope—or is it all a huge mistake?


What’s your opinion on sex robots? When does the industry become unethical?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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