Both sides in WWII knew that the global conflict was going to be won by technology. So the Nazis attempted to build UFOs, and for all we know, they might have actually been inspired by real “alien” designs.

The former Minister of National Economy under Italian dictator Mussolini, Giuseppe Belluzzo, publicly acknowledged that UFOs were built in Germany and Italy, telling an Italian newspaper that the flying discs were already highly advanced, according to “The German UFOS, Extraterrestrials Messages and the Supernatural.” The same book states that Rudolf Schriever, a German engineer, told the magazine Der Spiegel that a BMW engineering team manufactured the first UFO prototypes. So next time you see someone in a beamer driving like a jerk, remember that the car is a descendant of UFOs.


According to the Polish journalist Igor Witkowski, the Germans developed an experimental aircraft called the “Bell,” named after its classic shape. Witowski, who draws on German archival documents for his research, claims that the aircraft was actually able to defy gravity.

According to “The German UFOS, Extraterrestrials Messages and the Supernatural,” German, British and U.S. Intelligence documents show a range of designs for UFO crafts, including a mother ship and other high-tech super weapons.

During air combat in WWII, sightings of UFOs by Allied pilots became so common that the name “foo fighters” was coined to describe them. However, some secret military panel concluded that: “…this mass of poor-quality reports containing little, if any, scientific data, is of no value. Quite the opposite, it is possibly dangerous having a military service foster public concern in ‘nocturnal meandering lights.'” So there’s that.

Although some secret military panel said that it’s stupid to worry about UFOs, some crazy books have suggested otherwise. Notably, “The Magicians of the Morning,” a book that acknowledges that it pretty much made up many of its central claims, suggest that the Vril Society, a likely fictional organization dedicated to finding aliens or “Vril,” was the intellectual precursor to the Nazi Party.

A seemingly more credible book “Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity” argues that members of the Vril Society saw the German race as being allied with an alien race that made common cause with fighting Jews. To that end, members of the society who joined the ranks of the Nazi party spent lots of time developing UFOs and are purported to have developed a spaceship named the “Vril.” According to the book, some crazy film called “UFOs- The Third Reich Strikes Back?” documents a German attempt to find military aid from Mars. The film shows a German spaceship landing on Mars, only to find ruins of an ancient civilization.

Another crazy book “The Golden Band,” written by an Argentine Nazi sympathizer, states that Hitler was the incarnation of some Hindu god. Instead of dying at the end of WWII, the books states that Hitler was secretly ushered away to New Swabia, a region of Antarctica that was claimed by the Third Reich, where he communicated with the Hyperboreans, ethereal beings that some Nazis thought to be precursors to the master race. According to the book, the Nazis would develop UFOs in Antarctica and one day come flying back for a rematch.

Although some skepticism has been expressed that the Bell or any other unidentified aircraft ever existed, it’s a known fact that under orders from President Harry Truman, Germany’s top scientists were brought to the United States. It’s also entirely likely that Germany UFO technology has been incorporated into familiar current military technology, such as the B-2 Stealth Bomber.