You love your dog. Whether you are having a great day, a rough day, you just won the lottery, or you just had your car repossessed, your dog is going to be right next to you. So, it makes sense that once a year, you would put aside some time and celebrate your friend.

What Is National Dog Day?

Whether you have one dog or 20 dogs, National Dog Day is a time to celebrate your favorite canine friends. This year, it takes place on August 26, so make sure to go out and celebrate with leash in hand. If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate with your dog, why not go on a little shopping spree?

Let Your Dog Help With Home Improvement

Depending on the job, home improvement tasks can be relatively easy or they can be a real headache. Fortunately, both Lowes and Home Depot make your shopping a bit easier by allowing your dog to accompany you into the store. For National Dog Day, why not bring your canine friend along and really enjoy the shopping experience.

Get Your Dog A Good Book

Another prominent chain that allows your canine friends to come inside is Barnes and Noble. Whether you are going to pick up that new best seller or just looking to check out something new and undiscovered, you can bring your dog along for the ride. Who knows? He might even lead you to your new favorite novel!

Feed Your Outdoor Obsession

If reading isn’t your thing, maybe you have a great love for the outdoors. The owners over at Bass Pro Shop understand that you and your dog are pals for life, and they are more than happy to let your dog accompany you inside. Since you already take him on your hunting or hiking exhibitions, let him help with your supply run this time.

Give Your Dog An Extra Treat

Perhaps the best way to spend time with your dog on National Dog Day is to head on over to your local pet store and let him pick out a new toy. Both Pets Mart and Petco allow you to bring your dog inside and what better way to celebrate than to give them a new toy to play with?

Other Ways To Enjoy National Dog Day

Whether you take your dog out for some shopping or not, the one thing you should consider doing on this special day is to head over to your local dog park. Let your friend run around for a bit and enjoy the fresh air. When you get home, play an extra long game of fetch to show that you care. Ultimately, this animal is with you through thick and thin, so the least you can do is give it some attention on its special day.


Do you plan on celebrating National Dog Day this year with your best friend? Are you going to head out for a shopping spree of do you have some other plans in mind? Let us know about your dog in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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