Celebrate the National Beard and Mustache Championships With These Incredible Beard Styles

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Celebrate the National Beard and Mustache Championships With These Incredible Beard Styles

The National Beard and Mustache Championships are set to take place on November 7, 2015 in Brooklyn, New York. It’s an actual competition meant to celebrate all of the odd facial hair in the country. If you don’t think that there are that many ways to style a beard, you couldn’t be more wrong. In honor of the upcoming Beard and Mustache Championships, here are some of the strangest beards and mustaches that have appeared at the championships in the past:

Chinless Beard

Most people allow their beard to cover their chin, but don’t allow it to climb up their face. This man is a trendsetter—he took the opposite approach. He decided to shave off a small spot of hair on his chin and let  the rest of his hair grow freely. It may look like a strange style on the street, but it’s a head-turner at The World Beard and Mustache Championships. And who can blame anyone for stopping to look at those truly glorious sideburns?

The Raincloud

Some people believe that a lot of facial hair is a sign of manliness, and if that’s true, then this guy must be one of the most masculine men in the world. After all, his beard is longer than the hair on some people’s heads. And not only is it long, it looks well moisturized; the mark of a true gentleman. Not to mention that volume, which is seriously impressive. Who knows what he could be hiding in those fluffy depths? We’re guessing birds.


What’s the point of a long mustache if you don’t have some fun with it? With some creative use of hair gel, you can render any type of design you’d like, but it’s always a great idea to match it to your accessories, especially if those accessories happen to be some sweet sunglasses. That’s what the ladies like—a man who knows how to coordinate.

The Viking

Hair gel—or styling mousse—strikes again! Men with tiny mustaches aren’t the only ones who can use products to sculpt their facial hair into works of modern art. This man proves that you can shape your mustache into any style that you’d like, no matter how long it is or how weird people think you are. With enough hard work, vision, gel and maybe a comb, anything is possible.


It’s never fun to get tangles out of your hair, and it shouldn’t be any different when your beard gets tangled; in fact, we’d assume the beard would be worse. This man decided to take a risk by twisting pieces of his beard toward different sides of his face—a beard braid, if you will. His decision paid off, because he looks awesome, and he was a huge hit when he competed. Note the expression of casual superiority. He knows exactly how cool he is.

Straight as a Pin

If you’re a minimalist who’s been thus far disgusted by all these extravagant displays of beard style, don’t worry: you don’t have to do all that much to make your mustache stand out. Even if it’s not all that long, you can draw attention to it in the simplest way possible—by making it stick straight out. It’s the closest thing cat lovers will ever have to whiskers, though you’ll have to be careful not to snap off the ends. Pair it with a loud shirt and blazer combination and you’ll be golden … or in this case, canary yellow.

Curly Q

If you have enough time, patience, and hair, then you can curl different sections of your mustache. It’ll be frustrating to style your hair in such an elaborate way, but you’ll definitely get a lot of attention during the rest of the day. That is, if you’re brave enough to have an iron so close to your face. Just think of the payoff: you get to look as incredible and awe-inspiring as this fine gentleman.

Pointed Mustache



Who says you can’t look like an established gentleman while rocking a super long beard? This man proves that you can still look refined while wearing your facial hair in the wackiest way imaginable—and by wackiest, we mean best. Even though he looks crazy, he still has class. Also, we’re pretty sure he is a wizard … or at least a fully enlightened sage.


What’s the weirdest type of mustache you’ve ever seen?

Additional Images: Telegraph



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