Because We Love All Things Naked… Rio To Host Naked Olympics

Which Olympics are you going to? What, there is more than one? Yes, there is. They both are going on at the same time and are being held in Rio De Janeiro so you have the chance to see both. Both are an exhibition of sports. Both compete for medals.   So how can you tell them apart? Easy. At one, the athletes wear clothes. The other? The athletes go nude.

Which One Is The Real Olympics?



Most people would argue that the real Olympics are the ones that have been held since 1896 and are being held in Rio this year. Those Olympics have been holding the games longer continuously for 120 years, they have more power, more money, bigger television contracts and the first one was actually held in Greece. But, they wear clothes. The original Olympics were always done in the buff in tribute to their Gods. For the Ancient Greeks, the body was something beautiful that was not to be covered up. The grace of athleticism could fully be seen in the ripples of muscles and the motion of the form.

So How Do I find It?

If you can find Abrico Nudist Beach, you can find the Games. Abrico was established in 2014 and still is the only legal nudist beach in the area so it was an au naturel choice to be the site of the first naked Olympics. More world reknowned Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches are illegal for those who want to go topless, let alone bottomless. The isolated beach is hemmed in on both sides by two large boulders.

What events are there?

There are several to choose from. Events the other Olympics also have are: football, beach volleyball, swimming, sprinting and race walking. Remember, in Rio de Janeiro, football down there means soccer up here. Events the other Olympics do not showcase but are here include: tug of war, surfing and hand shuttlecock. No, that last one is not what you think. It is more like badminton without the racket.

The Medal Ceremony

Here is another difference between the two games. Everyone knows about the more well known Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic medals. They represent first, second and third place in the competition. But in the naked Olympics medals are earned in a different way: by just showing up.  Yup, if you are brave enough to strip down in front of a crowd and compete against another nudist, they feel you deserve a medal. Think of it as proof that “I was here”. The actual message the organizers want to promote is to be OK with yourself and how we all look. Athletes here do not compete to belong… they just belong. All sizes, shapes and ages are welcome to become a part of nature and a healthy way of living freely.

Some Concessions Are Made…

Since the budget for the naked Olympics is a wee bit smaller than the $15 billion spent for the 2012 London summer Olympics, some concessions have allowed to keep the dream afloat. For instance, for football (soccer remember), goalposts are usually a couple of beach chairs at each end. The medal ceremony is not conducted at a podium. Instead, you stand on a nearby rock and receive your medal for just participating. Here everyone gets a medal. Now how is that for promoting world peace?


Which one would you go to?  Would you participate if you could?