Anything to have a good time. There is some scientific merit behind this. Gone are the days where wanking could give you hairy hands or make you go blind. All of those old,wives’ tales are being replaced by a healthy outlook on masturbation: it is good for you.

Not Just For Men

Studies have shown that almost as many women masturbate as men. It is just that men will do it more often. These benefits are effective for both men and women.

Just Masturbation or All Forms of Sex?

All forms of sexual release can be healthy within reason. Masturbation is just one of them. But there may be times where you want to exercise and you don’t have an exercise partner. With social mores relaxing quite a bit from your grandparent’s days, this is becoming more acceptable. Ask Sweden. They just passed a law legalizing masturbation in public!

Physical Benefits

As exercise, any type of sexual activity will burn 300 calories per hour. However, the session must end with an orgasm for full benefit. A well-deserved orgasm helps the body in so many ways. By loosening your muscles and lowering blood pressure (therefore lessening stress), you can have a good night’s sleep.

Does it let you live longer lives?

Yes, and so much more. Not only does it allow you to live longer, it keeps you looking younger. Sounds too good to be true? Studies have shown that having sex at least once a week can increase levels of the antibody Immunoglobin A (or IgA). This helps you fight off colds or the flu among other diseases. Regular exercise leads to better cardiovascular strength. It can help prevent heart disease and erectile dysfunction. The bottom line is that studies have shown a regular sex life can add as much as three to seven years to your life.

Prostate Cancer

The British Journal of Urological Health found that men in their twenties, who ejaculate five times a week, can reduce their risk of getting prostate cancer by a third. The Journal of American Medical Association states that older men who have at least 21 orgasms per month lowered their risk of prostate cancer as well.


Sex will keep our testosterone levels high. Testosterone helps our bones to remain strong in both men and women.

Keep Incontinence Away!

The muscles we use while having an orgasm are the same muscles that help us keep those old diapers off in our golden years. By strengthening them through regular exercise, we can control our bladder longer and better.

Long Life

A sex life can keep us active, healthy, and more able to enjoy life. Keep in mind the same safety measures for all types of exercise: check with your doctor before adding it to your regime. Everyone has their limits and we can all have too much of a good thing. Life is about a balance and we are finding that a lack of a sex life can be a life out of balance.



What do you think about masturbation as a preventative measure?