8 Health Benefits of Living on a Farm

Apart from being close to the land, the produce, and the animals, living on a farm offers more in terms of our health. Here are eight health benefits of living on a farm.

1. Healthier Immune System In General

Living on a farm will result in a healthier immune system. How? Well, according to this study, growing up on a farm helps reduce the body’s immunological responses to food proteins. In layman’s term, it means those who grow up on a farm have reduced likelihood of developing an allergic disease.

The study explains that when you live on a farm, you develop more regulatory T-lymphocytes. These are cells that pacify immune responses and limit inflammation. Allergies, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases develop when these cells are reduced.

2. Specifically, Less Likely to Get Asthma and Allergies

3. Better Mental Health

In another study, Norwegian researchers had one group of participants with problems like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and personality disorders work with animals on a farm; the other group didn’t have any such interactions. The study found that those who had an interaction with farm animals had improved self-efficacy and coping skills compared to those who had not spent any time working with animals. The researchers believe this improvement in mental health may be due to having physical contact with another living being through activities like milking, feeding, and caring for farm animals (which may promote self-esteem and confidence).

4. Farm Work is Great for Physical Fitness

Working on a farm will help you burn calories and develop those muscles. For example, for a 150-pound person, bailing hay for 30 minutes burns 277 calories and butchering a pig burns 170 calories, according to the March issue of Food & Wine.

5. Fresh Produce Equals More Nutrients

You know what they say, the nearer you get your food from its source, the better and more nutritious it is. Well, if you live on a farm, you can get your food fresh. A registered dietitian explains why here.

6. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

When you live on a farm, you follow a routine. The schedule starts early and ends early as well. You’d need plenty of sleep to replenish the energy you lost during the day’s work. This early to bed, early to rise routine is more in tune with our natural Circadian rhythm.

7. Plenty of Vitamin D from the Sun

Vitamin D, which we get primarily from the Sun, is important to our body.

“To sum it all up, nearly every cell in the body needs vitamin D to function at full capacity,” says Dr. Robert Heaney, Professor of Medicine at Creighton University.

Fortunately, when you live on a farm you get plenty of this.

8. Fresher Air

If you live on a farm, you breathe fresher, cleaner air. This is due to having more plants absorb carbon dioxide. The open air of the countryside also helps relieve stress, quickens recovery of disease, and provides incentive to lose weight through outdoor exercise.


Does living on a farm sound appealing to you now? Which health benefit appeals to you the most and why?



Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
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