Crazy Recently Discovered Historical Photos

Whether you have a real interest in history or not, there are certain events that have shaped the course of history and represent an important part of human development over time. Some of these events might have helped develop technology as we know it today, shape political movements, or just allowed for a new pop culture trend. Regardless of where it fits into history, here are a few recently discovered (in the grand scheme of things) historical photos that deserve some attention.

This Photo Of Helen Keller

Those with an interest in history may have spotted this one before. It shows Helen Keller with her teacher Anne Sullivan and was taken in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The photo was taken in 1888 and wasn’t found until 2008.

The Oldest Known Photo Of New York

According to the New York Historical Society, the oldest known photo of New York city was actually lost at some point in history, but this particular photo is believed to be the oldest one remaining. It was taken in 1848 and shows the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In case you thought you had a valuable photo, this one sold at auction for $62,500. So, think again.

How About Some Presidential History?

Among those times in United States history that really stand out, President Lincoln’s presence will always stand on the forefront. In this recently discovered photo released by the Library of Congress, you can get a different view of Lincoln’s second inaugural address. At the time, this type of showing from an African American crowd was a big deal, especially considering they still didn’t really have the right to vote.

Josef Stalin’s Lighter Side

It’s hard to think of Stalin as anything less than the monster who killed off countless millions of his own people in the name of “progress” as he worked to build the United Soviet Socialist Republic, but this rare photo taken by his bodyguard shows something different. Apparently, evil can joke around and have fun too. Who knew?

Evidence Of Johnathan The Tortoise’s Age

Switching back to something really lighthearted and fun, why not look at this cute, giant tortoise? If you read the article back in June about the oldest animals alive, you might remember seeing Johnathan on that list. This photo is especially cool in light of that article, as it was discovered less than a decade ago and is believed to be taken in 1900, which helps to confirm his assumed age. So, before you go thinking your tortoise has lived a long time, remember that Johnathan has got this one on lock.


Which of these photos is most interesting to you? Are there any other really amazing recently discovered historical photos that you think deserve more attention? Let us know in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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