These Cats Are Here to Motivate Your Spring Cleaning

TGIS! Thank goodness its spring! Spring comes bearing many gifts: April showers and May flowers, the return of blindingly pale knees, and, perhaps worst of all, spring cleaning.

Whether you’re tackling a big spring cleaning project or just going about your weekly cleaning routine, you’re going to need some motivation. Let these balls of fur encourage you to clean the furballs out of your life!

Get a move on, lazy!

1. Turn on the vent when you bleach the bathroom or your visitors will be all…

2. Get those windows nice and clean.

3. Don’t let anything stop you from Swiffering.

4. Strict shoe guidelines for guests make for the cleanest carpets in town!

5. Wash your dishes.

6. Flip your mattress. You never know what you’ll find.

7. Change your sheets, but stay vigilant.

8. Scrub your stove. Whatever you do, don’t let your cat near it!

9. Using the vacuum can be fun

10. … as long as you don’t get carried away.

11. Take breaks so you don’t catch the spring cleaning rage!

Be sure to create a realistic schedule for your cleaning, keeping in mind that a single weekend won’t suffice. Clean at a leisurely pace, and remember that you may need several days for more involved projects like cleaning carpets and organizing closets. Focus on one task at a time and be sure to enlist the help of family members and pets. And be sure to take long cat nap when you’re done!


Did we miss something in your spring cleaning that a cat meme describes perfectly? Share it in the comments!

 Featured image: Nesster



Carrisa Pawell
Carrisa Pawell
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