Halloween is a great holiday. It provides an excuse to dress in costumes, host or attend a party, beg candy from strangers, watch scary movies, and perhaps attend haunted tours. As you prepare for this All Hallow’s Eve, here’s a list of some of the best haunted tours around the country.

Haunted Tours

Nobody seems to be certain how scary attractions like haunted houses and haunted tours got started, but they are now a customary part of Halloween celebrations. After all, if watching a scary movie on film is fun, experiencing a scary tour must be better.

Savannah, Georgia is known for its haunted locations, and Hearse Ghost Tours provides haunted tours to some of these sites. Of course, as the name would suggest, the tours are conducted in an actual hearse. What could be creepier than riding in a hearse on a haunted tour?

The San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour has been a Bay Area tradition since it was founded in 1997. This well-known haunted tour aims to be both spooky and fun. The 90-minute tours visit a number of scary sites.

Los Angeles may be known as the City of Angels, but it apparently has its share of other spirits as well. Dearly Departed Tours lets guests experience the darker side of Hollywood with a multimedia bus tour that visits some of the scarier places in the city. The tour explores the untimely deaths of a number of celebrities.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the country, having been founded in 1630 by English settlers. Considering the age and history of the city, it should be no surprise that it has plenty of ghost stories. After all, the city has been home to murderers like the Boston Strangler and Jolly Jane, Revolutionary War events like the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party, and many more events that contribute to its haunted stories. The Ghosts & Gravestones Boston Frightseeing Tour might keep you afraid of the dark long after Halloween has passed.

After a haunted tour in Boston, it may be time for the Salem Night Tour. As the home of the infamous Salem Witchcraft Hysteria, this town is reported to have several haunted areas. Tours are conducted every night, all year-round.

New Orleans is known for many things, but woven among its history are plenty of ghost and haunted stories. Haunted History Tours offers several different scary tours in New Orleans for those who are brave enough to explore the dark side. Tour options include French Quarter Ghosts and Legends Tour, Five Star Garden District Historic Tour, and Journey Into Darkness – Vampire Tour.


Have you ever been on a haunted tour? Which haunted tour was your favorite?




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