Best Couples’ Costumes That Pack a Pun

Taking things literally can be good, great even. Just check out these pun-ny Halloween costumes for couples. They could easily be the best couples’ costumes out there.

Green with Envy

French Kiss

Hash Tag

Booty Call

Netflix and Chill

Cradle Robber

Black-Eyed Peas

Freud and a Freudian Slip


Photo Bomb

Cardiac Arrest

Corn Dog


Any of these would be great not only for couples, but also for those who’ll see them and get the puns. It’s definitely worth the effort putting costumes like these together, if only for the laughter everyone gets out of it.


How do you define a successful Halloween?

Additional Images: Pixabaybdeanindy



Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
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