10 Awesome Ways to Reuse Your Old Socks

At some point in your life, you will lose a sock. Maybe it’s stuck in the depths of your washer or dryer, clinging to a sheet at the top of your closet, kicked underneath furniture, or just up and walked out of the house to explore the world on its own. Whatever the case, it puts you in a predicament. What use is one random sock if you don’t rock the mismatched socks look?

Actually, there are a lot of things you can do with your mismatched or old socks, rather than just throw them away. Here are ideas on how to reuse your socks.

Cleaning and Polishing

Once slipped over your hand, socks make excellent substitutes for paper towels, cleaning rags, and dusters around the house or outside. They can work as a replacement for your Swiffer pads, or outside to wash your car. You can also use socks to polish shoes, silverware, and more.

Hair Bun

If you have a rogue ankle or mid-shin length sock and long enough hair, you can use it to create the perfect bun – with or without the hairspray and toothbrush.

Toys for Cats and Dogs

With a small sock and some catnip, you can create a super simple cat toy and make your kitty very, very happy.

For teething puppies, gnawing on a frozen sock can alleviate pain, but make sure you supervise chew time so your dog doesn’t choke or swallow any pieces.

Heating Pad

A tied off sock filled with rice and a little bit of lavender can be microwaved and used as a heating pad to relax and ease aches.

Hacky Sack

With rice, one sock, scissors, and a needle and thread, you can make your very own hacky sack.

Fingerless Gloves

If you’ve poked your toes through a pair of cute socks, you can easily create a pair of fingerless gloves.

Draft Stopper

Also known as a draft snake or draft dodger, a draft stopper can be made with socks, filler, and a little imagination.

Rugs and Blankets

Craftily talented folk can use socks to weave rag rugs, sew blankets, and make just about any textile product you can think up.


Get the kids together and make sock puppets… obviously!

If your socks aren’t in good enough shape to reuse, remember that you can still recycle them – don’t throw them in the garbage to sit in a landfill! We traditionally think of hole-ridden or stained clothing as trash, but damaged clothing like this, including socks, can be recycled and made into new products such as insulation and carpet padding. As long as clothes aren’t wet or contaminated with hazardous materials, they can be reborn into something new. Major organizations like Goodwill and Salvation Army accept these types of clothes, as well as some local garbage and recycling services. Be sure to check programs in your area.


Do you have a fun and creative way to reuse old or mismatched socks? Share it with us!


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Emily Koo
Emily Koo
Emily Koo is a writer & musician living in Seattle, WA, by way of Randolph, MA. She’s a huge fan of her dog, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia references, and tea tree oil-infused toothpicks. Learn about her mundane life on Facebook.