Whether you want to spice up your sex life or just show your partner how crazy you are about them, all you have to do is give them a few sensual kisses. After all, actions speak louder than words. So if you’re struggling to show your undying affection, here are the places where your partner would be happy to be kissed:

On their neck.

The neck is one of the most sensitive places on your body. You’ll make your partner weak in the knees if you kiss them on just the right spot, or on their collarbone. Just make sure you don’t suck too hard, because you don’t want to create any hickeys that’ll get them in trouble at work.

On their cheek.

A kiss on the cheek is utterly innocent, because it’s not a gesture that is meant to lead to sex. It’s one of the only types of kisses that you can give without expecting anything in return. That’s why men and women everywhere consider it such a sweet gesture. All it does is show your partner how much you truly love them.

On their thighs.

Kissing your partner on their thighs is one of the closest things you can do apart from giving them oral. Since the spot is so close to their genitals, the area is super sensitive and will make them eager to rip their clothes off. That’s why you shouldn’t kiss them in the area if you’re not willing to get down and dirty. Only use it as a form of foreplay, so that they don’t get angry at you for teasing them.

Kissing their hand.

A kiss on the back of the hand isn’t reserved for elderly gentlemen in black and white movies. It’s something that you should do when you want to show your partner how much you appreciate them. So the next time they do your laundry or wash your dishes for you, thank them with a sweet kiss on the hand.

On their chest.

Whether your partner’s a male or female, they’ll love a few tender kisses on the chest. Start up top and slowly make your way down. By the time you reach the promised land, they’ll be more than ready to engage in some pretty intense intercourse.

Kiss their stomach.

Some people are self-conscious about their stomach, because they aren’t happy with the size of it. However, you should kiss your partner in the spot anyway, in order to show them that you love every inch of them—even the parts they may hate.

Kiss on the Lips.

This is the most obvious one, but some people ignore the mouth during intercourse. If you want to feel like you’re having meaningful sex that really allows you to connect to your partner, all you have to do is look them in the eyes and kiss them on the lips.


Where’s your absolute favorite place to be kissed?




Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
Holly is an aspiring sci-fi writer who currently writes lifestyle articles for All Women Stalk and News Cult. She's a fan of comedy movies, ridiculous puns, and is the owner of a pup named Ferris (last name Bueller).