23 Deceased Millennial Words and Phrases

Some terms stand the test of time, while others fizzle out as quickly as they caught on. Whether you wish these phrases were still widely used or are thankful they disappeared forever, ready yourself for some serious nostalgia. Here are 23 millennial words and phrases no one uses anymore.

1. Talk to the hand

A silly way to shoot ideas down.



2. Fartknocker

An insult toward a fool.

3. As if!

An expression of great disgust at a suggested fictional outcome.

4. You got served!

A phrase used when one is triumphant. (Also, the title of a bad movie from 2004.)

5. Fo’ shizzle, my nizzle

A strong confirmation, often to increase camaraderie.

White Chicks, 2004

White Chicks, 2004

6. What’s the 4-1-1?

A numbered code for asking information.

7. Beep me

A request for communication through the technology gadget, the pager.


A playful way to ask what one’s close pals are doing at a certain moment.

9. Duh/no duh/no doi

An exaggerated phrase when an answer should be viewed as obvious.

10. Fugly

An insult used when one deems something or someone as exceedingly (f*cking) ugly.

11. Bite me

An insult retort.

12. Take a chill pill

A wish for one to relax and calm down.

13. Gettin’ jiggy with it

Wearing a great outfit on the dancefloor and having a great time. (Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.)

14. Most triumphant/excellent/bodacious/primo/radical/tubular

An eclectic sayings to indicate something or someone is better than good.

15. Grody

Something disgusting to the maximum limits.

16. Buggin’/wiggin’ out

An expression of great uncomfort; possibly scared and/or in awe.

17. Gag me with a spoon

Extreme distaste for an unpleasant situation.

18. What’s your damage?

An aggravated way to ask what is someone’s problem.



19. Alrighty then…

Used after what someone says or does that is noticeably (very) awkward.



20. Eat my shorts

An insult with a substitute that suggests another challenging (possibly disgusting) act.

21. Booyah!

A joyful reaction toward winning, accomplishing greatness or excitement.

22. Psych!

A word to indicate teasing after a joke the receiver may have not understood.

23. Raise the roof

A gesture and/or phrase that indicates excitement or the need to get a party started.

Unfortunately, this one is not deceased everywhere (yet).


We understand if you feel a personal responsibility to bring these back. We kind of do too.
Do you know anyone who still insists on using these phrases? What other terms do you remember that are now retired?




Emily Koo
Emily Koo
Emily Koo is a writer & musician living in Seattle, WA, by way of Randolph, MA. She’s a huge fan of her dog, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia references, and tea tree oil-infused toothpicks. Learn about her mundane life on Facebook.