10 Guilty Pleasure TV Shows On Netflix You Need to Watch

There’s nothing like a Netflix binge of guilty pleasure TV shows to soothe a frazzled mind, mend a broken heart, or make you forget about the sink full of dishes, piles of laundry, and that other thing you were supposed to do but can’t remember what it is now. When we say “guilty pleasure” TV shows, we’re not talking about The Vampire Diaries or Gossip Girl – those are kind of just bad. We’re talking about shows it seems everyone should love, come to find out there are actual, legitimate reasons why people turn away.

Will you be proud of the total amount of time wasted streaming these shows? No. Do critics rave about them? Sometimes. Does everyone wholeheartedly love them? Surprisingly, no. Nonetheless, if you haven’t seen something on the list, it’s time to give in, grab multiple snacks, and dedicate an indeterminate amount of time to your couch.

Breaking Bad

Okay, you may see Breaking Bad on this list and think, “There is no way this is a guilty pleasure TV show. It’s just an amazing show – no guilt at all.” What you should then consider is why you are getting so much satisfaction from a story as depressing, miserable, and violent as that of Walter’s life. What’s wrong with you!? Not everyone likes this stuff! And for those people, we recommend Mister Rogers’.


Completely over the top and with questionably effective graphics and camera techniques, Sherlock can be annoying to some and awesome to others, but two things are for certain: it’s hugely entertaining and definitely British.

The Walking Dead

If you’re not into violence, gore, and the thought of an extremely bleak future caused by a zombie/walker/biter apocalypse where nearly everyone is always dying, then this is not the TV show for you. For all these reasons, it has a loyal fan base. Oh, and because Daryl and Michonne are effing badasses.

Sons of Anarchy

Fans of Sons of Anarchy either secretly want to be Jax Teller or think Jax Teller is ridiculously good looking…or both. Why exactly are we rooting for and sympathetic toward the criminals? Not sure, but it really doesn’t matter with abs like that.


Medical mystery after medical mystery after medical mystery that all get solved in a surprising end-of-episode revelation make this show a little predictable. Yet the true beauty lies in quick one-liners, great music, and House and Wilson’s friendship.

Law and Order: SVU

Criminal cases aside, the officers in the Special Victims Unit seriously have the worst, most unfortunate lives ever. Episodes are pretty formulaic, but for some reason, you’ll keep coming back.

The X-Files

We’re not even going to attempt to defend this show, because it needs no defense, what with Scully being the baddest bitch of all time.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Dee, and Frank are the worst human beings on the planet. Badly educated, they always come up with stupid, horrible schemes that never work, but make for guilty laughs.


The show is both cornball and contrived, and we all hate the laugh button, but it really, REALLY makes us miss the 90s. And who can resist Ross and Rachel’s tumultuous, yet disgustingly sweet relationship?

Bob’s Burgers

There are people who absolutely hate Bob’s Burgers, but that’s because they just don’t get why it’s funny that the burger of the day is “The Child Molester” and comes with candy. The show is full of hilarious puns, fantastic quotes, weird references, and the most amusing three children in the world.

The Following

Cults. Edgar Allen Poe. Psychotic twins. Completely unrealistic. Worships serial killers. However, add Kevin Bacon to the mix, and it all just seems acceptably okay.


There are a lot more than 10 TV shows to fill these slots. What’s your favorite “guilty pleasure” TV show on Netflix?

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Emily Koo
Emily Koo
Emily Koo is a writer & musician living in Seattle, WA, by way of Randolph, MA. She’s a huge fan of her dog, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia references, and tea tree oil-infused toothpicks. Learn about her mundane life on Facebook.